Doyen Britain


29th April 2020

On March 2020, the company made the difficult decision to permanently close the company. The company which had not traded since August 2019, had spent the first quarter of this year managing it's partner, supplier and stakeholder responsiblities, as well as preparing to reignite under new corporate branding, as well as reigniting it's institute. The impact of Coronavirus on the company, further to significant challenges in 2019, is not something that can be overcome. The company has completed it's final governance and accounting duties, and will commence notifications to interested parties this week. Telecoms and email correspondence are now closed. Any official correspondence can be addressed to Studio 26, 24-28 St Leonard's Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 3BB, but please note that the ability to respond to communications will take longer due to the impact of Coronavirus.



27th January 2020

Further to a 5-month period of dormancy, the company which focuses on research, strategy and education is in the process of transformation and rebranding.

For this reason, this web site will no longer be in use. However, the company continues to manage it's responsibilities.

If you are an existing client, supplier or representative of a past supplier, please do continue to communicate via your usual 'doyen britain' representative via the
their email address, or via phone at: 0330 122 1690

For mail correspondence:

Studio 26, 24-28 St Leonard's Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 3BB

Thank you

Team Doyen Britain